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3,144 Veteran-led Rallies by 8 November 2016

The Initial Vision

A letter to Representative

Al Baldasaro, 1StSgt USMC Retired

Our Spokesperson

Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson,

USAF Retired

The Article

“Why Has America Lost its Friends and Allies?” – An article by Major General Paul Vallely

The Book

“The Field of Fight” – The book by Lieutenant General Michael Flynn

Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – The Truth Shall Set Us Free – 8 November 2016

General Thoughts I love charts. More, I love these charts. That, as you know, has been my greatest self-attack throughout this general election. Do I see here what I want to see, as opposed to seeing the truth? The answer is: I’ve come the closest to seeing the truth...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – Declaring Independence in 2016 – 7 November 2016

General Thoughts I find it so interesting that Trump did not like the chant Drain The Swamp at first. And I love the fact that in spite of such leanings, he was willing to test the phrase and discover that his crowds adored that chant. I’ve written about how he...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – New High FOR ENTIRE ELECTION, Jubilation and Celebration and Treasure Island – 6 November 2016

General Thoughts Timing.  If you had to pick the moment to hit your very highest high, would you pick the day of the election?  Sure.  But if you could only have it on one day in the week prior, you’d likely not.  Nor the day before.  But, the day before the day...
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I’m With Bret Baier! – A Theory Of Falsehood As Poison – 6 November 2016

3 of 4 I'm With Bret Baier! - A Theory Of Falsehood As Poison – 6 November 2016 In Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis this morning, I fell prey to the influence of a fake news story.  If you read my Morning Addendum, you already know that it was the FBI murder/suicide story,...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – But What If The Data Is Wrong? – 6 November 2016

1 of 4 General Thoughts That’s about the only hope – the data being wrong – left to the Clinton team and their entire universe, none of whom can so much as contemplate a Trump presidency. And yes, we’ve considered the factors many times. We’re only going to look at...
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Scopelliti’s Dawn Analysis – The X Form Holds – 5 November 2016

General Thoughts Strong support rises. Strong resistance falls. Weak support falls. Weak resistance rises. How many of you know the Yin Yang? I’ve been struggling with the following question: which is yin, support or resistance; and which is yang, support or...
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