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3,144 Veteran-led Rallies by 8 November 2016

The Initial Vision

A letter to Representative

Al Baldasaro, 1StSgt USMC Retired

Our Spokesperson

Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson,

USAF Retired

The Article

“Why Has America Lost its Friends and Allies?” – An article by Major General Paul Vallely

The Book

“The Field of Fight” – The book by Lieutenant General Michael Flynn

What Does It Mean To Draw Your Own Line?

What does it mean to draw your own line? It means you’re ready to examine issues, to analyze them and then take a stand.  My name is Pasquale Scopelliti.  I draw my own lines.  I am ready to take a stand, and to stand behind my lines.  And I hope to inspire you to do...
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Analysis 1 of 6 – Election Forecast “We. CAN. Win!”

In this, and the subsequent five analyses, a general introduction will be given first relative to the three charts that follow.  Then, each chart will be assessed for its technical, or numeric movement, as well as theories will be offered relative to what are called...
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Analysis 2 of 6 – Predicted Winner: “A prediction of Clinton winning is good for us”

Of all the micro analyses, this one is easily and by far the most difficult to read. Is a prediction of Clinton winning good for us, or bad for us? I’m not sure. Perhaps there’s a threshold where, if she gets quite yay so far, then it’s bad. But, people thinking she...
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Analysis 3 of 6 – Intention to Vote “It’s impossible NOT to be optimistic!”

Whereas Predicted Winner may be our most dangerous numbers, Intention to Vote, may be our most reassuring. When you consider both the macro trend, where we're simply even, and the predicted winner where Clinton’s going up and we’re going down, it’s amazing to see how...
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Analysis 4 of 6 – African American: “Clinton is an abysmal candidate assuming a pre-established advantage”

Intention to Vote was thrilling. These charts show, as opposed to phenomenal momentum, phenomenal opportunity. If they show anything at all, it is that Clinton is an abysmal candidate assuming a pre-established advantage. But, the moment Trump focuses on this voting...
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Analysis 5 of 6 – Hispanic: “LEGAL immigration is a PERFECT strategy for the Hispanic vote”

If I was a pessimist, the strong and undeniable lead Clinton demonstrates with the Hispanic vote would make me sad. But, instead, I find these the MOST surprising of all the micro analyses. I believe that there can be no question, LEGAL immigration is a PERFECT...
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